The Burning One

by Ricochet

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released April 1, 2010

Çağrı Küçükay - Vocals
J.Hakan Dedeoğlu - Guitar
Erol Arman - Guitar
Onur Güven - Bass
Taylan Turan - Drums

Produced and recorded by Barkın Engin.
Mastering by Burak Tamer.
Cover Design by Deniz Bankal.

Released by Peyote Music.



all rights reserved


ricochet Istanbul, Turkey

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Track Name: Ricochet - Twelve
Here the stars glow, no doubt.
Through the marshes, not around.
In a jungle of thought,
You’re so filthy but so proud.

As the serpents applause,
Hold their tongues up and curse
With a wondrous response,
You just smile and make that noise

In around, in around
In about, in about

Through the voice again
In about
Through the voice again
Sing around

Through the void you came to me (can’t stay around when you’re gone)
Track Name: Ricochet - Green State
Riding on a yellow horse tonight,
Listening to the beetles in my mind
Floating through my undivided life
Hold my hand and guide me through the night.

Riding on a yellow horse tonight,
Listening to the beatles in my mind
Floating through my undivided life
Hold my hand and guide me through the night.

On the 21st of August, we planned to make a trip to the moon,
On the 23rd the engines start, we hear the sonic boom,
On the 24th, we reach the orbit and think the landing is soon,
On the 26th, we’re just lazy so we so we revolve around the moon,
On the 28th we have a romantic dinner in earth’s gloom,
On the 30th of August we change our minds and head right back home.
Track Name: Ricochet - Places of Terror
My appetite unleashed,
I smell flowers when you sleep,
My appetite unleashed,
I drink sugar of your tree,

I steal powers when i’m weak,
My appetite unleashed,
I build towers on your hill
My appetite unleashed,
After all the time, we realize,
The terror of love is in your mind,

Places of terror giving you something,
Even if answers lead to nothing,
Places of terror in the land of nothing,
Even if answers lead to nothing,
Track Name: Ricochet - The Richard Mutt Case
In the sun, don’t believe in everyone
I’ll be watching

Nowhere to go,
Nothing to do,
Nowhere to go,
Cause I’m being you.
Track Name: Ricochet - Bobo (will be back)
All the little children in your head,
Waiting for their much desired gift.
Drench their little bodies with your filth,
Time will come when angels hunt your head.

Oh, you have to go,
For all the little children in your head.
Track Name: Ricochet - Clock
Welcome to scene of angels, where dreams
The dreams are endless, for me.

Members of the most suicidal species,
In this box,
We like what you did with the colour
Blue was good though grey surely fits better with the mood

You did well, performed beyond expectations we must tell

(All by yourself)

The time of titans and cyclopses is long over
The time for dragons and dinosaurs well behind

And now, our dearest sons and daughters,
The time for men is about to end....
Track Name: Ricochet - Butterflies in Hell
And i talked with the devil,
And i’ve cheated the devil.
Here i go again from time,
Into hell..
Track Name: Ricochet - Redheaded Redflag
All the time you see them low,
All their lies, the rest unknown,
All the flies who feed on blood,
All paralyzed in dreams of joy.

There’s this red, in the very beginning,
You intensified.
I define what the rhymes are.
You speak the devil,
Inside your heart,
I bleed to death,
In the corner of your capsized hell

I define the rules of engagement,

I signify,
The rest of the bloodshed.

I believe, in things not seen.

You stare with those sour eyes,
Red flowers in your mind.

Whispering yet a song,
Treating all my heart’s disease,

All pray, for the rest of the coming day,

I smile at you.
Hope i will find a heart and the love
What if you, won’t get mine?
Track Name: Ricochet - Grief Response
You got your harmony,
All the troubles seem so far away.